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Node js Roadmap for Beginners DEV Community

This is rendering front-end code on the server side, which is they returned and displayed to the browser. An advanced topic, that has its own merits such as SEO & speed benefits. REST API’s are the bridge between back-end and front-end development, so make sure you understand how they work. It’s not hard to see how confusing and off-putting it all is. If you want to take a step further, I suggest you exploring the potentialities of Blockchain and Web3.0 development.

  • Keep learning and staying up-to-date with the latest technologies and best practices in backend development.
  • Nest.js comes with a range of built-in features, such as dependency injection, middleware, and microservices, which can save you time and effort when building your application.
  • Using a simplified model of event-driven programming that uses callbacks to signal the completion of a task, developers can create scalable servers without using threading.
  • If those requests are returned successfully, the circuit breaker resets and clients proceed as normal.
  • Time is very precious and you need to start thinking about your career in this short period of time.
  • is the 6th most starred project on GitHub and is visited by hundreds of thousands of developers every month.

In the Node.js ecosystem, you can go for the node-rest-client and Axios, both serve pretty good service for faster web applications. In this caching technique we combine the memory of multiple networks into a single memory data store which we later use as the final data cache to prove fast access to the data. This technique is especially used in a high volume of data and a huge number of network calls at the same time allows incremental expansion and scaling by adding more server memory to the cluster. Js because it is open source and free in addition to everything else, particularly JavaScript developers who wish to advance their coding skills. Js engineers are in great demand because employers are interested in the quicker, real-time, event-driven servers of today.

JavaScript in browsers and JavaScript in Node.js are working differently

This is the first question that comes to mind when we want to learn new technology. JavaScript has continued to grow alongside new browsers like Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome since then. The latter even started developing the first modern JavaScript engine, called V8, which compiles bytecode into native machine code.

They are typically all quite similar and once you are familiar with one, its easy to pick up the rest. Like every other server-side language, NodeJS also provides a number of frameworks that help in building the application with better features. It’s a time-consuming process to write code from scratch to build various features in any application. So using the framework in your application makes your work easier and you build any kind of feature at a faster speed.


This feature makes it the best suitable for building fast, highly reliable, and scalable networks or web applications as well as a data-intensive real-time applications. Node is the hottest technology across the world, especially in Silicon Valley. It is the perfect skill to open up amazing career opportunities for any software developer. You can build various applications such as social media apps, video, and text chat engines, real-time tracking apps, online games, and collaboration tools. Many companies switched their tech stack to NodeJS including Paypal, LinkedIn, Uber, Yahoo, Medium, GoDaddy, Groupon, and Walmart.

Node.js Developer roadmap

A part of the server’s memory is utilised as a cache in this method, where we store all of the data necessary to decrease network calls in our applications. Node-cache and memory-cache are two excellent packages for managing memory cache in a Node server in Node.js. The microservice architecture enables enterprise-level projects to be developed with code that is easy to maintain and adapt. It divides an application’s architecture into loosely linked modules that communicate with one another using APIs.

extremely useful single-line Python codes

Like other programming languages you learn how to print “Hello World! ” and then you start learning the basic concepts like variables, data types, operators, functions, etc in JavaScript. Make sure that you understand all these concepts in JavaScript very well before you move to build the actual application in NodeJS. NodeJS is a Server-side JavaScript runtime environment built on Google’s Chrome V8 JavaScript engine. It compiles the JavaScript code into the native machine code and provides higher efficiency of the application. It’s a cross-platform runtime environment that provides an event-driven, non-blocking input-output system.

Node.js Developer roadmap

Redux is basically a state management framework, that heavily compliments React. Think of it as a front-end database that holds the state of your web application in one, easy to manage place. DevOps stands for development and operations, and it’s a key skill to learn as a backend developer this year. A search and analytics engine built on Apache Lucene and developed in Java. Using ElasticSearch you can store, and analyze huge volumes of data in real-time. As it searches the index instead of searching the text, great search performance is also achieved in ElasticSearch.

Working With REST APIs – SpaceX Project

This server-side runtime for APIs provides users with the exact data they requested from the databases. As a result, this technology works much faster and appears to be much more flexible than the standard REST. React.js is a super-fast framework for building User Interfaces and their components and Single-Page Applications. These features make React.js a lightweight and simple solution for quick web application development.

Node.js Developer roadmap

Recently GraphQL started grabbing more developers’ attention around the world. The most well-known GraphQL users are Airbnb, Atlassian, Compara, Coursera, PayPal, Pinterest, and others. Many software developers combine their Node.js-based applications with GraphQL technology to build applications with well-structured requests and data responses. Before you start your journey with NodeJS you should have a clear goal in your mind why do you want to learn NodeJS?

Using a simplified model of event-driven programming that uses callbacks to signal the completion of a task, developers can create scalable servers without using threading. When released, Hexo can be deployed on your own Node or GitHub server. Node.js can be defined as an open-source, cross-platform, dynamic JavaScript runtime framework or environment that is based on the Google Chrome JavaScript V8 engine. Developed by Ryan Dahl in 2009, Node.js was initially implemented as a client-side scripting language. As we anticipated in our post on the most used programming languages or the programming languages we should learn.

Node.js Developer roadmap

When it comes to distributed caching, Redis is one of the most well-known options, but Memcached can take you much farther. ElasticSearch has excellent search performance because it searches the index rather than the text. It stores and searches data using structure-based documents rather than tables and schemas that come with comprehensive REST APIs. ElasticSearch may be thought of as a server that handles JSON queries and returns JSON data. A Java-based search and analytics engine based on Apache Lucene.

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